Quick question regarding duration settings?

On another forum we were discussing bias durations and best settings.

One user states the simply selects Bias as the type and leaves the duration at 0.000 ?

I thought if you selected the type as Bias, all that really does is append the filename?

What would the results be if you do not specify a duration?

We request the frame with whatever the camera reports as its Minimum Exposure time. Cameras typically cannot handle a true 0 exposure time as this would basically mean “do nothing” and almost every camera will throw an error if we attempt to request a true 0 exposure.


That’s kind of what I thought. If it ‘does’ work you really have no idea as to what the duration was!

Anyhow in my case with an ASO071mc its ‘minimum’ duration is 64us. That is seriously short!

I have been using .1 secs but might push that back to .01

Since its a cooled cmos I almost wonder why I am bothering with Bias at all.