Raspberry Pi Support?

I know SGP only runs on Windows right now. Any chance to port to Linux in the future so that it would run on Raspberry Pi. This would be a fantastic setup for small “on telescope” computers and better than all the current alternatives. I think this is where things are rapidly heading and it would be awesome to see SGP on these small platforms.


There is certainly an appeal to using a small computer like the Raspberry Pi for an imaging platform but the reality is that by the time you actually configure all the hardware needed you are well past “cheap.” Also, the Raspberry Pi is not a speed demon. I think a hugh app like SGP, would be unbearably slow.

There are many single board computers that run full Windows apps and have speed to boot. These can be made usable for less than $500. One such is the UD00 x86 project:

UD00 x86


Sgp is not really that big. The only thing that requires any power is computing the focus metric. Everything else is mostly just a lot of waiting.

A Raspberry Pi presents a good deal more problems though. Not only is it Linux but it’s a completely different processor architecture. We may make stores towards this in the future. But we’re talking being years out.


I would love to run SGP on RPi, but for now I’m using it on Intel Compute Sticks.

I have one attached with velcro on each of my scopes. They are super lightweight and cost under $150. They have two USB ports, so I use one for my imaging camera and one for the guider.

I am trying to control my mounts and focusers via wifi, and then I will have a nice clean control system that rides on and and rotates with the scope.

All interaction with SGP and the Windows happens via Remote Desktop, which works great either from a laptop, an iPad, my desktop inside the house, or even my phone.