Re-center after auto focus?


Is there any way of having SGPro automatically perform a re-center operation after autofocus?

The reason I’m asking is as follows: I’m running an Edge 14 at native F/11, using an autofocus motor attached to the main mirror-shift knob rather than on a crayford type unit. I have a generous amount of backlash compensation set, and it helps. But it also increases the length of time taken by the focus routine. I’ve widened the PHD2 target box, which prevents star lost errors. But now and again, PHD2 will pick up the wrong star within the target box, and I’ll end up with an image in which the target is way off-centre. If it was possible to end the focus sequence with a re-center, then re-start PHD2, that would seem to solve the problem.



At the moment we don’t have this functionality. Although I would be wary that a recenter option would get the guide star “back in the box”.


Hi Jared

Thanks for your reply. I’m not so much thinking about getting the original guide star back in the box, but more that the target is re-centred, and then a suitable guide-star (be it the same, or another) can be auto selected (although I must say that I’ve found SGP’s ability to reproduce positioning to be impressive!). The current situation is that as last night answers, I have 3 frames of M1 centred in the field, but during the focus run between frames 3 and 4, this issue occurred - and from frames 4 onwards I have nicely focussed images in which half of M1 is off the edge of the field!



I would also like to request this feature. I have a 9.25 Edge HD with focus motor and mirror shift can be sizable when focusing after filter changes. Right now, I am pausing the sequence and stopping guiding, performing a Center on Target restarting PHD2 guiding and then resuming the sequence after each filter change/Focus on filter change event and initial focus event. This resolves both the loss of guide star and ensuring the image remains at the same location. This requires baby sitting the sequence that otherwise would not be required if the option of “Recenter after focus event” was an available option (Check Box) on the Focus Tab of the Equipment Profile Manager. I hope this is an easy thing to implement and will be made available on a near future release.

Add me to this list as well. Right now, due to SCT mirror shift, I slew to the target, autofocus, and only then do centering. If I’m slewing to different variables in different parts of the sky, auto-focusing after centering (which can be automated) sometimes puts the comparison stars too far near the field edge depending on the mirror shift. Hence I center after focusing, which can’t be automated as far as I can tell.