Really odd issue with CGX-L mount

Ive posted on this before but here is a even more confusing update.

Been having an issue with the hand controller to my CGX-L keeps getting it’s meridian preference re-set to “Favor West”, then it can not center the next target due to being up against switch limits.

Briefly the sequence starts normally and centers target fine and starts capturing frames. Then I witness a successful meridian flip and the sequence continues. Comes time for the next target in the sequence and the mount stays with weights out west even though they need to be out east. Anyhow it cannot center the new target due to hitting the switch limits. If I go and change the hand controller’s meridian preferences to ‘disabled’ the mount swings to the other side and the sequence continues without issue for the rest of the night. Note I triple checked the Meridian preferences set for ‘disabled’ before starting the sequence.

So seems like a mount / HC issue right? But get this! Last night as a test I had a different Celestron GEM type hand controller and tried it. It failed in exactly the same manner!

The only thing I have left is to update the firmware for the hand controller(s) and try again, but frankly I am not sure that will fix anything.

So now I am wondering if this might be either an SGP or ASCOM issue?

If anyone has any ideas as to what the heck is going on here I would be most greatful!