Recent SGP/MetaGuide with SCT primary focusing - 1.5" fwhm

I have been imaging on and off as weather allows and finally put up some recent images taken with SGP for acquisition and focus, and MetaGuide for guiding - with OAG and qhy5l-ii.

The recent 5 images are at the top of:

Most are unprocessed aside from calibration and stacking - and levels - so they show the raw imaging performance. The Lagoon Ha image is around 1.5" - which is only possible if the guiding and focus are good. I am using robofocus on the primary focuser with the SGP autofocus routine - and it works well and is repeatable.

These images are dithered every frame with SGP sending the dither command to MetaGuide. The dither happens very quickly and settles rapidly with no feedback on the settling of the guider error - I just use a time delay.

These are with Edge11 and reducer on cge-pro mount - which is fairly cost effective given the performance achieved - and is consistent with the low cost SGP philosophy.

Note that the color images on that page are taken with sloan filters so they are not exact rgb true color. But they are calibrated colors and capture the physics of the different objects in the scene.