Remarks on SGP V4

I recently tried V4 after using V2 for a couple of years, which did a great job. I have 2 remarks about the latest version: when SGP has to centre an object using platesolve2 it waits for the platesolve2 window to close before checking the centering again. This takes about 10 secs (the default value in platesolve2 which can’t be altered I think). Version2 of SGP would immediately adjust the mount after a successful plate solve, even with the Platesolve2 window open. Second remark I have is that SGP –when starting a sequence– first slews to the object, then starts focusing and after that centers the object. This doesn’t make any sense, it used to be slewing - centering - focusing.

Platesolve2 is pretty much not used anymore, most users have switched to ASTAP.
Might be a small issue with SGP, but most people aren’t affected anymore.

The order of centering/focusing was changed for a reason…
Focusing before centering does make sense, if focus isn’t ok or can’t be found there is no point in trying to center either.
Aufocus has been greatly enhanced the last 12-18 months so SGP is much better att finding focus now even if focus is so bad that centering couldn’t use the out of focus stars.