Repeating Several Targets as a Sequence?

Today I downloaded SGP, and worked my way through the logic of targets and events, which appears very sensibly laid out. One of my hoped-for applications of the software was to be able to do photometry on several asteroids throughout the night. What I’d like to do is take 5-minute exposures of three widely separated asteroids, and then repeat the sequence for much of the night. So the scope goes to Asteroids A, B, and C, and takes images, and then simply goes back to Asteroid A to repeat the cycle over and over. Each of the asteroids are moving slowly enough that their motion will not carry them out of my large field in 8 hours or so.

How do I do this in SGP? For Asteroids A, B, and C, it appears that I have to duplicate the target, and then move it into the correct order in the list. Is there a way to simply cycle through the three targets until I tell SGP to stop? Thanks.


Hi Tom,

SGP cannot currently do what you are asking for. There is an open feature request that I believe covers your needs: this one.

You may want to add your support to that request so that Ken and Jared take it into consideration as they prioritize their work.



Thanks for the reply. Yes, the “sequence of sequences” in the open requests is exactly what I need. Cycling through targets is a very common operation for professional observatories, but I recognize that in the amateur market, I am greatly outnumbered by folks who are doing pretty pictures.