Report a possible bug: recognize wrong type of OBJCTRA field in images captured by Maxim DL


I find that SGPro can not recognize the value type of OBJCTRA in these images captured by Maxim DL rightly. Just like this:

In Maxim DL, the OBJCTRA value type in ‘FITS Header’ is string :

Also in the ‘View’ tab:
OBJCTDEC = ‘+38 20 15’ / Nominal Declination of center of image
OBJCTRA = ‘20 12 12’ / Nominal Right Ascension of center of i

But in the SGP, the software recognizes the OBJCTRA as ‘Date’ type:

The same file: Autosave Image

So, ‘Center Here’ menu is disabled:

And, RA and DEC Hint textboxes on the Plave Solve menu form display 0:

Accordingly, the PlateSolve2 shows an error:

You can get the Autosave Image file from here:
Hope you can solve this problem. :smile:

Best regards,


Hello Yang,

Thanks for the report. There is was indeed an error in obtaining proper location information from those particular headers. I have fixed the header issues. You can safely ignore the issue where the header is identified as a date… it is not correct, but it also will not hurt anything.

Hi Ken,

Thank you for the reply. When I open the image captured by Maxim DL, the ‘Center Here’ menu is disabled and can’t read the RA & DEC value, is this issue the reason? :blush:


It is. All of this has been addressed in the 2.3 beta. I will release this in the next day or two… just wrapping up a few other issues.

Thank you very much! The speed of SGPro upgrading is very fast, great! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: