Request Event rotation & Bigger numbers at the focus screen

First request is at the focus screen. When I do a manual focus it’s really hard to read the small HFW numbers.
Even when I zoom in to a section of the screen the numbers stay small. Would like the possibility to adjust the size or font.

Second request is an option to rotate the events. If I make a mosaic of 4 panels, it first do all the subs in event1 and then move to event2. I would like to have the option to rotate in the events.
I would like to make first the Lum subs and rotate in the events. then I can select the RGB and rotate again until all the subs are done.



Hi Paul,

That part sounds like a duplicate of this request: Rotate through mosaic targets. I think if you add a comment to that discussion thread supporting the request it will be more likely to be accepted when Ken and Jared prioritize the requests.