Rogue solving

In literally my first session with SGPro I was very impressed but something went badly wrong. I have an Orion Sirius EQ-G mount controlled through the ASCOM driver for SynScan Mobile, and PlateSolve2. I used the Framing and Mosaic Wizard to generate a target for M81 and it produced the expected coordinates I had previously tested plate solving against an image I took last week of M101 and it worked it out correctly. I did a 3 star alignment on my mount and it was finding stars correctly and my camera was focused. I opened my sequence, I wanted to Frame and Focus before starting the sequence, right clicked on the target and clicked slew to target which it did. It appeared to be pointing in the correct general direction but I didn’t take a photo. So far, so good. I then clicked Center on Target and it appeared to find a solution for the image. Suddenly the mount took off at high speed away from the correct direction and crashed into the tripod before I could get it stopped. No permanent damage but I was pretty freaked out. Any suggestions before I try again? I will have the power cord in one hand next time just in case! I am really committed to making this product work for my setup.

Hi @campbesj

I don’t understand what you mean by this:

My guess is that your mount somehow got synced properly (based on the initial solve), BUT the mount was set to the wrong side. SGPro cannot infer the side of mount (your mount driver manages this)… it can only set RA and DEC. Either way, if it happens again, please share the logs and we’ll try to provide guidance.

Thanks. I will send logs in the future. This was my first use of your product and I apologize if I asked incorrectly.

Log file and sequence file. I hope google drive is acceptable.

After further testing I have determined that you are correct, the problem lies with the telescope driver. The application that communicates with SynScan wifi adapter has an IOS, Android, and Windows version. I have been using the IOS version successfully for some time with no problems at all. I installed the Windows version specifically to use with SGPro. I was able to duplicate the strange behavior in the Windows version of the SynScan app with SGPro not running at all, Thanks for your quick response to my question, I will be purchasing the Pro version this week.

This sort of sync issue can happen if a sync is sent after the mount has crossed the meridian. The mount software doesn’t know and sets the current position assuming it has done a pier flip when it hasn’t. The result is that the mount model is sort of upside sown, slews involving pier flip go through the south pole instead of the north.