Run away focuser

I have noticed on the last three outings with SGP when I attempt to use the focuser control in frame and focus that as soon as I move the focuser it continues to move and will not stop until I hit the focuser disconnect button. Last night after disconnecting SGP it reported that the focuser was at position 65332. I am using a Moonlight focuser and it only has 28000 position and that is how I have it set in the ASCOM driver. In fact the focuser was really at the zero position. On other evenings that has not been the case. In each case I have manually brought the focuser to zero, reconnected in SGP. I am sorry I don’t remember if SGP read zero or I had to zero it out. However from that point forward it worked flawlessly.

Here is a Dropbox link to the log file.
This log ends at the point I terminated SGP to check the focuser.

Thank you in advance for your help.