SBIG camera won't reconnect unless disconnecting guider from PHD

If I need to re-start a sequence or a new sequence requiring re-connecting an STF-8300M camera, it won’t connect ( camera not found, etc), unless I disconnect the - already connected- Sti camera from PHD first.

Not a problem since I know the workaround already, just wondering if I have an incorrect setting…thanks.

I have a similar, and perhaps same issue: If SGP running my STT-8300M crashes for any reason, when I restart SGP I cannot connect to the STT-8300M. The sequence that works for me is to power down the STT-8300M, then power it back up. Now I connect just fine. For me has nothing to do with PHD2. Definitely not a problem for me.

Hm, I’ll have to look at this. It’s likely getting into a weird state as PHD is probably asking something of the guider and it’s not connected in SGP. I’m surprised it’s not causing PHD to fail to be honest.

I’ll take a look this evening.


I’d venture to guess that this issue is related to shared use of the same SBIG driver with 2 different cameras.

This does not apply in my case. Perhaps for @4everNewbie. I only have 1 SBIG, but 2 Canon 6D’s, but I only run one of them at a time since with both powered on I can’t access either one of them.

OK, Thx. In that case I would say that the universal driver is just in a bad state and we might need to look at how we clean up during certain error conditions.