SBIG ST8300M + STi for autoguiding


I am a newbie and I am sure this has been answered before but I am unable to find it in the forum.

I have a SBIG ST8300M main camera with a 8 position FW. I use a SBIG STi camera for autoguding.

I am able to connect to my main camera & FW properly.

When I use the SGP API in PHD2, how do I tell PHD2 that the SGP API needs to connect to the STi autoguider?

After selecting the SGP API as the camera in PHD2, when I try to loop it gives an error saying SGP API ASCOM device not connected.

Please help.

Shailesh Trivedi

Hi Shailesh,

The SGP API Guider is required for the SBIG dual-chip cameras. Since you have a separate guide camera you don’t need to go through the SGP API Guider interface. You can select SBIG Camera in PHD2 and you are good to go.

Hi Andy,

I tried that and it did not work.

How do I let PHD2 know which SBIG camera to use? The ST 8300M is assigned to the main SGPro camera and at that time, I do get a dialog that asks me to choose between ST8300M and STi.


Click here to select which SBIG camera to connect to:


More info available in the PHD2 User Guide - Equipment Connection section.

Hi Andy

Yes I tried that, and it only asks for whether to pick USB or LPTx or Ethernet or some other interface.


Hello Shailesh, I have the same issue with my STF8300C and Sti camera and getting same results as you. I asked the question to the forum 29 days ago with no response. I think the problem is with how SBIG configures their cameras. I go through gymnastics connecting both cameras up when I use Images Plus camera control and PHD2. I am waiting for a friend to let me borrow his Starlight guider and feel by having a different brand the issue will go away. I am a beginner with SGP also. Al Johnson


I found a solution to this. Please see my other post as of today, Sept 12, 2018. This may help you.


Thanks Shailesh, just read your other post and replies. We are not alone in dealing with this issue. As with you I considered forgetting about using SGP. Al J