SCT AF with Beta 13

I had been reluctant to try the “scope has central obstruction” box in autofocus, due to early comments by the authors. But my previous two sessions had AF failures (donuts) roughly halfway through a 6 hour session. These had been with Beta 12 (and maybe 10).
Two nights ago I ran Beta 13 and selected the SCT choice. This gave me a successful run through the night with three (3) targets. They were in order, IC405, NGC2903 and the star Arcturus. By targeting this star, it puts the scope in a safe trajectory until I get up in the morning.
Regarding the AF with SCT:
All AFs were limited to 9 data points (my choice of 9). No additional points were added by SGPro. Besides the initial focusing (which looked OK), I witnessed one about 2 1/2 hr into the session. It was not pretty, however it did have a minimum value, and that was used for the focusing value. I used PI’s Blink tool to review the generated AFPacks after the fact, and all showed best focus around the middle section of images.
I would have preferred a few more nights of success before reporting, but we’re forecast for several nights of clouds. Hope this helps.

Thank you Mark. It is helpful.