Sensor Temp reading from DSLR

I have a cooled dslr and wondered if there is a way to get the sensor temp from the Canon Exif data into the file name.
This is possible in Backyard EOS but don’t know if it can be done in SGP.
By default the temp settings are greyed out when DSLR is chosen (my dslr doesn’t have controlled temp settings so this setting isn’t required to control the temp of my camera anyway) so if I choose %temp in the naming protocol will it add the sensor temp from the Exif data??

Yep… I don’t know the name off the top of my head (likely is %temp) but you can put it in the file name… I do this as well :slight_smile:

It is %ct , it works with my Canon. You can also us %is for the iso.

Thanks guys I’ll add the %ct to my naming protocol.