Seq Gen 4 not starting after ASCOM upgade

I have been running SGPro version 2,.6.1.144 with great success but recently acquired a ZWO 2600 camera. Since does not apparently support ZWO, so I downloaded a Version 3 on my home desktop and confirmed that the ZWO works fine (using the ASCOM drive connectors),.
But at the observatory, I decided to use SGPro 4. Downloaded and installed. Everything works fine, but would not connect to ANY camera (even the SBIG STT-8300M that connects fine to version 2,6.1.114).
Checking things, I discovered that I probably needed to go to ASCOM Platform 6. So I did that.
So now, SGPro 4 won’t evebn start. Nothing happens,. I re-installed it, but still no joy.
And now starts with an unhandled exception. If I say “ignore”, it starts and appears to work; but it lost all my settings, etc. The error appears to be NOVAS31 Initalisation Exception, related to Astometry ephemeris directory settings.
So, things are not looking good.
SGPro 4 doesn’t start; SGPro 2.6.114 has unhandled exception and lost settings.

Im not really sure. We have not ever seen this before. In your position, I would:

  • Uninstall ASCOM completely
  • Uninstall SGPro completely
  • Reinstall the latest ASCOM and latest SGPro 4

Everything above will preserve your SGPro settings and is ideal, but if that doesn’t work, there is a “nuclear” option that will clear all old SGPro settings. Unfortunately, it may be possible that there is corruption in settings and they need to be clobbered. If you want to try this, you will need to delete a folder in the Windows File Explorer (but you can restore it with the Recycle Bin if you need to).

Open file explorer and navigate to

C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator

Select everything in the folder and delete it.

If after this, you continue to get the same results, we will need to get logs to understand what is happening.

  • Attempt to start SGPro 4, after it fails use the file explorer to navigate to the folder above
  • Locate the most recent log file and email it
  • Make sure to tell us you sent it so we can be on the lookout for it