Sequence ended after 10 frames


This is my first time using SGPro after reading and watching numerous amount of materials and tutorials, and SGPro’s automation capability still blew my mind, well done developers! My money went to the right project :slight_smile:

One problem I have experienced though, is on my very first sequence it run, brand new sequence, never been run before, I had the following events set up:

  • 30x Lum
  • 10x R/G/B
  • loads of flats

On the first run, after 10x Lum, SGPro pops up with sequence complete and asking me if I want to run end of sequence routine. But I still have 20x Lum and all R/G/B, flats to go!

Have I missed a setting somewhere? Or where could I have gone wrong?

Thanks in advance!

We’ll need your log file to see what’s going on. See this post on how to ask for help.