Sequence freezes up between subframes

Hi, I am new to SGP and have set up my profile, equipment manager, autofocus and plate solving as per instructions and they all seem to working fine.
I am having trouble with my sequence pausing in between subframes. I had a few attempts, first time waiting for PHd2 to open after 5 minutes of nothing so I restarted the sequence.
Second attempt I closed phd2 and restarted a new sequence and this time it captured 2 of the 4 subs before pausing again.
Third attempt I restarted the sequence and got as far as 1 sub. I noticed after the download of the first subframe it would not proceed.
The timer continues but the sequence comes to a halt.
Is anyone else having similar issues?

We’ll need a log to look into things:

Thank you,

Hi Jared, the following day there was a software update that fixed the problem and everything seems to be working fine so far. The only issue, if Phd2 is opened and connected to the mount/camera before launching SGP then it wont start guiding when I run sequence. As I set up manually, recalibrating Phd2 every imaging session is a must. I must close and save calibration and let SGP open it and then it is fine.
The other night SGP could see my lakeside focuser but the temperature data wasn’t changing therefore autofocus wasn’t engaged until I restarted the focuser, from there everything was back to normal. The following day everything ran sweet for start end.