Sequence Generator 2.4 Beta 2 is Released for Testing

Hi folks,

Here is Beta 2 for SGPro 2.4:
Hi folks,

Here are the changes for 2.4 beta 2:

  • Added a new feature to the Mosaic and Framing Wizard that allows you to fetch the mosaic canvas from an existing SGPro FITS file. The mosaic canvas will be centered on you image and a blue rectangle drawn about the area your import occupies (then you can know where to add additional mosaic frames). No docs yet… see this post for a few details: Problem finding object with mosaic plug in
  • Fixed broken AstroPlanner imports
  • Removed 100mm Focal Length limit for telescopes
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to zoom, stretch or right click on a rotated image would reset the image view port to the upper left of the image
  • Fixed an issue where aborting a sequence during an image would cause the GNS system to alarm
  • Removed “heartbeat” option from GNS notification endpoint
  • Fixing a bug where image download error could cause the flats calibration wizard to fail badly
  • Decreased frequency at which SGPro queries the weather station (10 second update frequency).
  • Fixed bug that could present itself during weather station connect (after disconnect)
  • Fixed some internationalization issues dealing with exposure time entry

As always, you can get it here: