Sequence Generator 2.4.X Update

Alright… if things have seemed a little slow lately, that was planned. We needed to take a little break after the release of 2.4 (followed by a necessary 2.4.1), but we are getting back into it with the 2.4.X list. If you are curious, here is the list of things we have approved for 2.4.X development (pre 2.5 stuff).

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That’ s pretty nice continuous improvement.
You and jared deserve a great thank you for the work done.


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A private beta of 2.4.2 has been released. Please send me a PM if you are interested in testing (and can assist in the validation of at least one of the changes listed below):


  • Added integration support for PlateSolve2
  • Sequence recovery will now terminate prior to the 90 minute time limit if the scope passes the meridian.
  • Added the PIXSCALE FITS header
  • Added ability for FLI cameras to set readout speed
  • Note: FLI settings have radio buttons for RBI mitigation (this is not yet functional).
  • Fixed an issue where trying to blind solve 32 bit reference fits would crash SGPro.
  • SGPro will no longer attempt to sync scopes / mounts that don’t want you to sync with them (Like TPoint in some cases).
  • Updated the type of high precision timer we use to time images (will hopefully help folks who have been seeing inconsistent wait times for exposures)
  • The “Direct Mount Guider” is now capable of performing meridian flips
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes show an error when rendering the filter image icon
  • Added Nikon D4 to the bulb camera list
  • Auto focus pause now occurs prior to AF filter change
  • Fixed a bug where SGPro would crash if an empty ImageHistory cell was right clicked

If there is D810A support I’m willing to check if that works …


There is not. Just what’s in the list right now.

Will overscannning support for FLI cameras be part of this release?

Sorry, we don’t have plans to implement over scanning on any release at
this point.