Sequence Generator Pro (Beta 13) is Released for Testing

Sequence Generator Pro (Beta 13) is released for testing.

SGPro 2.4 (Beta 10 or higher) will require PHD2 2.4.1e or better to function properly: You can download it here:

This beta is slightly more invasive than those in the recent past… please keep Beta 11 on hand (if you need to downgrade, be sure to uninstall and then re-install).

Beta 13 Changes:

  • Disabled smart focus movements for scopes with central obstructions (will dive deeper into this in 2.5… maybe a 2.4 maintenance release)
  • Fixed a bug where the “Mark Bad” button was active for plate solve images

Beta 12 Changes:

  • Adding new entry to the “Event Options” menu that allows the user to set the current (starting event).
  • Adding “Bad Image” marker as prominent text in the upper left hand corner of an image.
  • Removed the “ASCOM Chooser” entry from all equipment types
  • Fixed a bug where aborting the sequence with “rotate through events” selected, would move to the next event upon resuming the sequence.
  • Fixed a bug where AF darks would not be picked up if the filename did not include 1 digit of precision at the start.
  • Fixed a bug where image history review (back and forward arrows) did not consider image types other than FITS.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause odd profile behavior when using the “Save Sequence As Profile” option.
  • Removed telescope throttling for SkySafari calls.
  • Fixed a bug where, if PHD2 entered an error state, SGPro would query the state many times per second (reduced to once every 10 sec).
  • Adding socket reconnect to Listener Thread in PHD2 (SGPro will automatically attempt to re-establish connectivity with PHD2 if it detects an error state)

Beta 11 Changes:

  • Fixed an issue where the image statistics module would sometimes not update.
  • Fixed a bug that when using the SBIG SGPro API guider, would cause PHD2 to crash in regions that use commas as the decimal separator.
  • Fixed a bug where “settle distance” for PHD2 did not work in regions that use commas as the decimal separator.
  • Fixed an issue where blind solving by right clicking on an image wasn’t calling blind solve.
  • Better user feedback for mounts that don’t support flipping before the meridian.
  • Fixed dome slaving options to have a minimum refresh time of 10 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where using the “save a profile as” option would delete any previous notes or file naming patterns.
  • Fixed a bug where the “save a profile as” option would not correctly pre-populate the name of the profile used to create the sequence.
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow event scripts to be run if the path contained spaces.
  • Canon errors now produce 'auto-dismissing" dialogs so the sequence can attempt to continue (assuming it is not attended).
  • Conforming to CCD-TEMP and SET-TEMP FITS header formats
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow users to open sequences by double clicking SGF files if the sequence file name contained spaces.
  • More tooltip updates

Beta 10 Changes:

  • Fixing a bug where TEC cool-down on camera connect would fail if the cool-down period was 0 minutes
  • Fixed a bug that would cause user profiles to break completely if the profile location was moved to custom location
  • Blind solves will now send scale and error of 100% (you can override error in ANSVR settings). ANSVR, when used as the primary solver, still sends the scale with 5% error. This allows blind solves to be truly blind (or it allows you to customize the blind solve error via ANSVR settings)
  • The cancel button for auto focus will now cancel all auto focus activity during that session (and not just from the last run)
  • Fixed a bug where the event in-progress arrow would disappear when clicking on other targets
  • Removed dependency on ASCOM AstroUtils library
  • More help file updates in preparation for the 2.4 release
  • More tooltip updates in preparation for the 2.4 release

As always, you can find it here:

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