Sequence Generator Pro (Beta 15) is Released for Testing

Sequence Generator Pro (Beta 15) is released for testing.

SGPro 2.4 (Beta 10 or higher) will require PHD2 2.4.1e or better to function properly: You can download it here:

Beta 15 Changes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Image History module could sometimes crash SGPro (if your image history had bad data)
  • Fixed a bug where aborting a sequence during the guide and settle process would present an error dialog indicating sequence failure
  • Fixed a bug where resuming a sequence could sometimes trigger auto focus when you do not have that trigger selected
  • Fixed a bug where canceling AF during initialization could result in infinite inward movement of the focuser
  • Updated Canon SDK to the most recent version
  • Fixed a bug where older sequences could crash when opening dome slaving options

Beta 14 Changes:

  • Added support for additional Pinpoint catalogs (USNO and UCAC4)
  • Added new GNS option to sound alarm when warning messages are sent
  • Fixed an issue where SGPro would crash upon clicking the open sequence menu icon
  • Added notification for AF failure due to HFR = 0
  • Replaced “Marked as Bad” text with “X” image
  • Guiding and settle timeout now set at 15 minutes (from 5). Need some timeout to know to invoke recovery
  • Changed “Scope has central obstruction” option to “Disable smart focus”
  • Made PHD2 status fetching more robust
  • Possible fix for black status bar

Beta 13 Changes:

  • Disabled smart focus movements for scopes with central obstructions (will dive deeper into this in 2.5… maybe a 2.4 maintenance release)
  • Fixed a bug where the “Mark Bad” button was active for plate solve images

Beta 12 Changes:

  • Adding new entry to the “Event Options” menu that allows the user to set the current (starting event).
  • Adding “Bad Image” marker as prominent text in the upper left hand corner of an image.
  • Removed the “ASCOM Chooser” entry from all equipment types
  • Fixed a bug where aborting the sequence with “rotate through events” selected, would move to the next event upon resuming the sequence.
  • Fixed a bug where AF darks would not be picked up if the filename did not include 1 digit of precision at the start.
  • Fixed a bug where image history review (back and forward arrows) did not consider image types other than FITS.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause odd profile behavior when using the “Save Sequence As Profile” option.
  • Removed telescope throttling for SkySafari calls.
  • Fixed a bug where, if PHD2 entered an error state, SGPro would query the state many times per second (reduced to once every 10 sec).
  • Adding socket reconnect to Listener Thread in PHD2 (SGPro will automatically attempt to re-establish connectivity with PHD2 if it detects an error state)

As always, you can find it here:

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