Sequence Generator Pro Released for Production

U P D A T E D   O N   M A R C H   2 4 th,  2 0 1 7

Hi folks,

SGPro is a beta release. While we love that many of our users are eager to help us test, make sure you are a fairly knowledgeable SGPro user or have received explicit instructions by MSS staff before hopping onto the beta track. Changes:

  • Implemented “Disconnect all equipment at sequence end” option (found in sequence settings)
  • Increased DSO-Browser timeout to 120 seconds.
  • Added import status for DSO-Browser to let you know if SGPro is waiting on DSO-Browser to respond.
  • Fixed a bug that, when using cut and paste for target location from Stellarium, it would match “Apparent Sidereal Time” as RA and “Size” as Dec.
  • Fixed a bug that could indicate an observatory is required even if the “Slave to Telescope” checkbox is not checked.
  • Fixed a bug that wrote the SET-TEMP FITS header as the current temperature of the TEC (instead of the TEC target temp).
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the filter list to contain user filters with no names (and provide bad exposure length info while running AF).
  • Fixed a bug that would allow for selection of an AF override filter and then allow “None” to be selected as the filter.
  • Provision to allow users to toggle ASCOM focuser temp comp via the SGPro API (in most cases this should be slightly easier to use than the ASCOM scripting since SGPro manages errors and connections for you). Endpoint: /focuser/tempcomp, see API docs for more details.
  • Updated QHY DLLs Changes:

  • More changes to help address issues that render the sequencer window controls as “too large” for the containing window.
  • Restored the sequencer window vertical sizing feature.
  • Increased the DSO Browser list import call timeout to 60 seconds (up from 15).
  • Fixed a bug where the error message for auto observatory slaving was in the title bar. Changes:

  • Reintroduced the initial solve process to the front of the auto-meridian flip routine (notice there is no attempt to sync here) to get a proper post-flip reference. This should address a problem that could cause subsequent centering routines to be “off”
  • Fixed a bug that, in some cases, could cause the “Pause Sequence” button to become permanently disabled.
  • Another random attempt at trying to correct the odd sequencer window scaling issues. This attempt completely disables the vertical sizing feature just to see if it makes any noticeable difference in how the problem presents itself. Just looking for clues at this point…
  • Added Nikon NEF files to the supported image “drag & drop” list.
  • Additional logging to get more details on random DSO-Browser list import failures.
  • Additional logging for MFW canvas fetch that might fail (maybe due to regional formatting changes… not sure)

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