Sequence Generator Pro - with Mount Hub Pro


I’ve recently downloaded a copy of sequence generator pro to trial, and am currently trying to connect it up to my system, which comprises a Mount Hub Pro, Feathertouch focuser (with a generic focus motor controlled from the mount hub pro), SBIG ST11000m, Optec Rotator and a few other bibs and bobs.

So far I’ve managed to get SGP to connect to the camera, wheel, rotator, mount, focuser (using the ascom driver for the MHP) etc all ok

what i was wondering was is it possible to use the turn off/on device function from the mount hub pro to switch on the devices attached? I currently have the SBIG, OPTEC, Mount (eq6pro), powered from the MHP, but was wondering if I can get SGP to toggle the power on these, when it’s time to start the cool down etc.

Your thoughts appreciated.


I don’t fully understand your questions, but your camera will not cool down until the sequence starts… so if you have a delay on the first target it will wait until start to cool down on the camera.

A subtle clarification here. I have an SBIG and the cooling starts the moment you activate the camera after opening the sequence. I would associate starting the sequence with the start of image capture. A semantic issue.

Thanks both of you for your response.

What I was getting at is that the power to the SBIG, Mount, Rotator, etc is all controlled from switchable relays on the Mount Hub Pro.

If just the mount hub pro is left on and the computer controlling this by ASCOM driver, is there way of programming a sequence to get SGP to connect to the Mount Hub Pro and switch on these relays, add a delay while the devices power up, connect to the camera, rotator, turn on the cooler etc - before the sequence starts.

Hope I’m making sense.

We don’t control much custom gear. All of the setting and features to which you are referring are custom to that device and not supported via SGPro. You will need to use the software that came with the device for that.

This can be true, but SGPro has settings that allow you to delay camera cooling until the actual sequence start time (the camera will not cool when the actual Run Sequence button is clicked).

thanks for the prompt response - i had suspected as much - but you can’t blame me for asking. They fall under the category of ‘nice to have’.