Sequence name disappear in summary window

The name of the sequence disappears in the sequence summary window when the sequence is paused.



I’m not able to duplicate this behavior. The target name is what is shown. In your screen shot above SGP is running that target (as you have the option to Pause). Here is what is looks like when the sequence is paused whilst running a target:

Paused Sequence:

Maybe you got into this state in some manner that I haven’t tested?


The only way I’m duplicating that is when we’re waiting on a target. Here the sequence is running but no target is actively running:


Probably should clear out that entire form in this case as we’re “waiting” on the target.


Sorry about the wrong information. You are right SPG is waiting not pausing. Unfortunately this information can only be seen in the bottom status line.

Please do not clear out this form. I have spent hours of programming to extract the status information from this form. This is the only way I found, how we can extract progress of SGP. I have been asking for an API for a long time but did not get anything. I know extracing data from a window will break if you make changes but I did not see any other way of getting this data out of SGP.
Hopefully you can also show the name of the target when you are waiting for it. You know what you are waiting for and also show this in the bottom status line. Unfortunately until know I could not figure out how to extract the text from the bottom status line in the main SGP window.