Sequence Start unable to detect guider

Tonight when I tried to start a sequence I received an error message that “an autoguider is required but no autoguider is present” however PHD2 was selected in the equipment and was guiding. I went to the control panel and PHD2 was already selected, but I selected it again and immediately the PHD graph populated and I could start the sequence. I have observed this bug at least twice. I’m still using the sequence so I will send the log file tomorrow.

I have a related issue with PHD and start of sequence - what version of PHD/SGP are you using?

SGP 2.4 beta 2 and PHD2.4.1a

Here’s the log file:

I think the start of the sequence was around 7:55pm.
Again, I am sure that PHD2 was guiding when I started the sequence and PHD was chosen in the equipment panel.

Joel - I’m using the same versions. When I get some decent weather I will try again. I’m sure, if this turns out to be a small gremlin, it can be easily fixed. The other thread is the one titled 'Sequence start - what to expect from PHD2 at startup?"

I get this message every time I start a sequence unless I have PHD2 already guiding. What happens if I press yes?

SGPro will now attempt to auto-start (and possibly calibrate) PHD2 on sequence start. This message will only be seen if that fails.