Setting up a new sequence

Sorry - there will be something obvious that I have missed in the manual.
I’m at the beginnner’s testing phase. Each time I do the first test run using the sequence with event 1 enabled, its OK - until it finishes. After it completes it does not reset the ‘run sequence’ as expected. This means that when I set up a second run - either a repeat or something new - it tells me that the run time has expired and asks me to overrule it or cancel! I would have expected the end of a run to reset it. In addition, it asks me if I want to park the scope (!). I can’t find any setting to say - when the run is over - leave everything as it was.

Sorry - this must seem stupid!

Lawrence Harris

Hi Lawrence,

Have you been through the SGPro tutorials?

I’ll have another look. I must have missed something obvious. I shall definitately register near the end of the trial.


I’m not sure I understand your response. I am referring to the “Getting Stated” section at the beginning of the help file and also to this tutorial written by Alex M here.

These should answer a lot of your questions and then you can post the rest here.

Yes. I had read the tutorial; I shall read it again (its an ongiong thing). Alex’s tutorial is very good; I’ll go through it. Should answer virtually everything. The main functions that I won’t be using are pier flip and auto focusing. I shall have to use a different program for image processing though; seems to be the only thing SGP doesn’t do.