SG pro occational crash

Hi group, I am still useing ver 2.4.3, having not updated to the latest beta…I do get the odd crash when I am imaging, but I have not seen any fixes in the latest updates hence my reluctance to update.
Crashes e.g 2 nights ago happened when I went into tools to change a settle prior to running sequence setting…SG stopped working and had to be closed !
This is one e.g of more than several instances.
I run a lenovo 420 with win7…64bit…no issues as far as I am aware…I.e. nothing that would instigate a crash such that I experience.
I have read comments from other boards that suggest SG pro is " a little buggy"
In my opinion its still the best out there but it can be frustating when crashes occur.
I have not seen many posts about this subject so i wonder if it is peculiar to my set up or a bug that has not been acknowledged in Sg.

One question arises from this since i have had to change a setting, can the settle prior to run sequencer setting be changed without restarting SG? eg the settle default is 0.1 pixels, for my preference i want 0.3 pixels… If I run a new sequence i have to change it! However…i accept that once changed in a profile it does stay at 0.3.


We’ll need your logs to investigate the crash. Please see here for info on how to obtain them:

You can change almost every setting while the sequence is running and it will be used as soon as needed, no need to restart SGP. And yes, if you have auto save turned on (default) then it will be saved with the sequence.


Ahh…should have read the help info, my apologies…for this particular incident i will abstain, if i see another repeat of a crash i will be well prepared and able to isolate the correct log file!!!

in the meantime i have downloaded the Beta though it’s in the Beta stage it may resolve any issues.

Keep up the great work, SG pro has made imaging easier for me despite the odd fault, hopefully due more to my lack of practise with it.

Best regards