SG seems to be applying darks

I have run into some trouble with operating SGP.

My images appear completely white, When running my cursor across the image, pixel values are all 65,535. Stretching Histogram makes no difference. The image worsens with each subsequent shot. It seems like SGPis using the previous image as a dark. A restart of SGP will reset the issue. At no point does an error appear.

I am using an ATIK 428ex with the ATIK v2 driver (it appears to be the latest) and the latest release of SGP.
I do not believe the problem is equipment side as Maximdl does not exhibit the same traits.

If I have selected an incorrect setting, I have now idea where to look, I would appreciate any advice to tackle the issue. I am not sure what sort of diagnostic data would be required to investigate this further?



SGPro does not (cannot) apply darks.

Please see this post:

Thanks Ken,
That actually helped. After a couple of hours of mucking around, I realised that the problem has nothing to do with darks. What I was seeing was the pixels creep to saturation over a period of time. I can reproduce this on demand using SGP. This is what I found, and what works for me.

If i select any exposure time other than 0.000s. My third image, and every image thereafter would be completely white. However, I was able to prevent this by requesting several 0.000s exposures from the frame and focus module. I was able to restore normal functionality by disconnecting and then reconnecting at the sequencer window. I assume that the I didn’t see this in Maxim was that it uses a different driver.

It would seem that the driver does not send a clear command to the camera/camera buffer. I will use a USB sniffer to see what command sets are being sent to the camera and see if my assumptions are correct.



Likely. We use ASCOM almost exclusively. Maxim might have a native implementation for ATIK. Maybe some other ATIK users might have ideas on how to avoid this.

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