SGP beta cannot reconnect PHD2 guidecam after disconnect/connect gear

In testing the beta, I found the guide camera in PHD2 cannot be triggered for looping after I use disconnect gear and then connect gear in SGP


The way to wake it up, is to do a Disconnect All Equipment in SGP, then Connect All Equipment, and click Connect Gear twice in the PHD TAB under SGP.

Could you see if it can be further improved, by reducing the step in Disconnecting All Equipment in SGP?

Log: (3.7 KB)

Cannot reproduce this behavior with either the simulator or a Lodestar camera. You will want to include the PHD2 debug log so that @Andy can take a look if he wants.

I don’t know what this means.

That is it is preferred to be able to: SGP PHD2 TAB Disconnect Gear -> Connect Gear

Instead of SGP PHD2 TAB Disconnect Gear -> Disconnect all equipment -> Connect all equipment -> SGP PHD2 TAB Connect Gear

Relevant PHD2 alert pop up during 22:38:57 (8.8 KB)