SGP beta PHD2 Connect Gear issue

I can start PHD2 by connect equipment within PHD2, but not by the Connect Gear button in SGP beta.

An error message is shown: “ASCOM driver problem during connection (ASCOM.Utilities) The PortName cannot be empty.
Parameter name: PortName

Moreover, I cannot start the looping in PHD2, it gave a timeout message. I can only restart the looping, after I click Disconnect all equipment in SGP, and reconnect the guiding camera within PHD2.

Attached please find the SGP log for (4.0 KB) .

It seems like you might need to work out some issues on the PHD2 side before you start using SGPro to talk to it. From what you describe, it seems like your PHD2 profile is either in a bad state or PHD2 cannot connect to the device specified in the profile.

What guide camera are you using? Is it connected to the machine?

I am using AtikGP bundled with Atik One.

Yes, it is connecting to the PC.

It can loop images when I connect the camera within PHD2. It looks it may be just the new “Connect Gear” button in SGP showing this error message.

Sorry for adding information, but to tell I got SGP works with PHD2 with the above equipment.

When you hit the connect button in SGPro, what profile name does it say it is about to try and connect?

Yes, this box is shown: “Connect PHD2 equipment for profile “AtikGP”? This will have no effect if PHD2 already has gear connected.”

I found it shall be the Temma ASCOM driver, and does not relate to the AtikGP camera, so may be my mis-understanding.

Thanks for your hint.

It looks beta “Connect Gear” works, and I think I will upgrade from to beta for the running in the field at the moment.

I am looking forward to the 2.4.3 production release.

Thanks for your software enhancement and support.