SGP 2.4 + PHD 2.5 issues with lodestar and SX H814 camera

I have been using Lodestar + SX camera H814 and the universal ascom drivers perfectly for the last years with SGP 2.3…
(those are 2 instances, one is named main camera and the other is called Lodestar Guider)

Yesterday I upgraded to latest versions of PHD and SGP, now if in SGP a frame gets downloaded, the Lodestar gets disconnected in PHD. I also installed old versions of PHD that even do not integrate with SGP, same issue.

Workaround for now is to use another ascom driver for the lodestar, but this one lacks several options like HW binning which I need as I work OAG and guidestars are very scarce …



It seems like there are a couple things you can try.

I order to get to the bottom of this issue, you will need to get debug logs for SGP, PHD2 and the sxASCOM driver and upload them so that we can take a look at them. Once you have collected the logs, you should try going back to all the old versions of the software and see if they work for you like they used to. If they don’t, then it might be the sign of another problem (although the odds seem against it), and if they do then you can at least resume imaging…

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I’ll try to get the logs, though I don’t have a clue where to look for the sxAscom driver logs …


Yea, we’ll need logs for SGP and PHD2 if you can. Otherwise it’s just a guess to what’s happening. You can upload them via drop box and post a link via share here.

I’ll do that, going back to 2.3 is no option …
Anyway it worked flawlessly in the past, I’m sure installing 2.3 fixes the issue …


Make sure the firmware for your Lodestar is NOT the latest. You can get the previous SX version from . The latest SX firmware might be a little buggy. I too got my SX Superstar and Lodestar disconnections with latest SX firmware. I reverted back to version and got perfect imaging run (except for unexpected clouds) with Lodestar X2 last Friday night. I used latest PHD2 2.5.0.


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Thanks, I didn’t touch the lodestar FW in Years, it’s the original version, I also got an X2 version but did not use it yet.


Here the log file of PHD and SGP + screenshot, this appears if you download an image from camera in SGP, during image run and manually …


Anything the log files are revealing? Real would like to use the full featured ascom driver.