SGP - Exposures not starting


I have problem with sequence starting. I’m using ST-2000XM with internal guide chip and SGP API Guider with PHD2.

After set sequence and turn to Start I made Autofocus procedure and than sequence should start but nothing happened. Progress bar appear but is clear, time is count. In the left down corner I have info “Autoguider setting 0.3px” (or something like that. px changes). Guiding works but exposure not starts… I had set 5 min exposures and after 15 min nothing happened.

Also earlier tested on and the same. Singe frame and focus works and also dry exposures without guinding works too. What I made wrong?

And one more thing. Now I see that blind solve from loaded picture in target setting was gone (right side in Target Setting). It was very usefull when starts another session with the same objetc (for example made last year but I want to get additional exaxtly the same material (centered)).

Now I can only do that with already solved picture from astrobin… :frowning: Or maybe does another procedure to make it as earlier?

Thanks for advice.

I found solution for second question but still I don’t know why exposures not startng… :frowning: