SGP alignment problems

I’m a relatively new SGP user currently transferring my workflow from BYEOS & Astrotortilla and last night I noticed that when I plate solve on an object it claims to be successful but the object isn’t centered.

Here’s an album containing the screen from Cartes du Ciel and also SGP. CdC thinks i’m centered on the star but SGP is off.

Also, when I right click on the star and tell it to center here, it doesn’t move presumably as it thinks it’s already there.

I thought that maybe SGP had the wrong size for my DSLR chip but I checked and it’s correct.

When I used to use BYEOS and Astrotortilla the plate solves were dead on, any ideas?

Are you doing the “Center Here” in SGP or are you doing a “Centre On” from CdC?

Also what’s interesting is that the scope and SGP don’t agree on coordinates. How was this image solved? Did you do a solve and sync or did you right click on the image and choose “Solve Image”?


I slewed there via CdC, then using SGP’s Control Panel I click the Solve and Sync button, this was the result.
I run a local installation for the solves.

What Epoch is your mount set to? What Epoch do you have ANSVR set to? Those need to be the same. That’s the only thing I could think that would account for the discrepancy.


That was my thought too, but i’m not sure how to check ANSVR, i’ll see what I can find out.