SGP app not booting

I have been using SGP for years but shortly after an update, I cannot get SGP to run at all. I have rebooted, reinstalled, uninstalled, cleaned registry, deleted appdata and reinstalled - still no joy.

Nothing showing in the task manager, so it is not loading for some reason. All other apps on the NUC are working fine.

any ideas? ASCOM 6.6 SP1, Win 10 Pro.

What was updated in this scenario? SGPro? If so, from what version to what version? Or did you update ASCOM, Windows, Drivers or more than one thing?

In any case, here you’ll find general guidance for some reasons why SGPro may not start:

If none of those provide any insight, at the bottom there is guidance for getting to logs when SGPro wont start.

I think I will need to scratch it and start again as I can reconstruct the settings quite easily. Apart from uninstall, removing folder from appdata and documents, anything else I need to purge?

No, that’s it really. In terms of variable input at start SGPro will load settings from AppData, then pre-load equipment profiles from wherever they and finally, load the last sequence. If removing one of those three things as an obstacle suddenly allows SGPro to start, then the issue is likely from some data corruption. That said, we’re always interested in learning exactly what sort of corruption is causing the issue. SGPro can’t handle all types well, but there is a better than decent chance we can handle it better if we know what it is.