SGP Connects to Guide Camera not Imaging Camera

I use a ZWO ASI-1600-M as my imaging camera and a ZWO ASI-174-M as my guide camera. Previously this was working fine. After upgrading to, now when I connect SGP connects to the ASI-174, not the ASI-1600.

I am connecting to these through the ASI ASCOM driver (I wish SGP supported native connect to the ZWO cameras like Sharp Cap). In SGP these show up as “ASI Camera (1)” and “ASI Camera (2)”. It doesn’t matter which I select. I get the ASI-174.

After wasting over an hour I finally forced it to connect to the ASI-1600 by unplugging the ASI-174, connecting, and then plugging in the ASI-174. There has to be a better way.

OK, I figured this out myself. If I click on the “wrench” icon before connecting it gives me a ZWO control panel that lets me, among other things, select the camera. Unfortunately this is a manual step. I don’t see how to make it part of an equipment profile.

Doesn’t the ZWO driver save the selection that you made? In any case it’s up to the ZWO driver to select the camera it connects to.