SGP crash at starting sequence

I had a fair run with SGP/PHD2 yesterday evening, mainly to learn more about SGP and tune up etc. Unfortunately, as soon as I started the sequence (containing one image run) SGP crashed. Previously it had crashed when I ‘connect equipment’ with a wrong ASCOM setting. This time I had edited the settings correctly and was already on target having used a planaterium program for GOTO. All I did was click to start the sequence. The program had to be terminated using task manager. I restarted SGP and reconnected. With the same sequence of one image I clicked ‘run’ and it was OK this time. FWIW this crashed also happened the last time I started the first sequence of a new session.

I am carefully going through the manual but it is a long learning curve.

Some other problems arose but I am trying to find the answers myself before posting.



If you are in need of assistance, please see this post before you elaborate. It outlines all of the stuff we are going to ask you for anyhow (and we can get to finding any issues you might have more quickly):