SGP crashing if wrong connection accidentally selected

I originally set up an equipment profile using telescope ‘LX200GPS/R ASCOM’ as the connection. Then I discovered that with this setting I could only connect one item to the ASCOM LX200GPS but I needed to give the telescope control to a planetarium program as well. I have yet to change the profile to ‘POTH hub’ to allow joint telescope access. Meanwhile, I have twice clicked on ‘connect’ before remembering - and each time SGP crashes.

I normally start the POTH hub before any connections are made and I have not yet edited the profile to change the telescope connection. Ideally I would not have wanted to use POTH because it is one more variable in the chain. However, during testing (and possibly well after), I need to drive the scope to test targets and to check focusing. Once I have learned it all I might be OK using named sequence lists, but there is much testing/learning to do yet - hence the planetarium program.


There’s no need to start POTH separately, you can specify this as the telescope in your planetarium program and SGP. The first one will start it and the second one will connect to the existing one.

It might also be worth asking on ASCOM-Talk if there’s a Meade driver that will run as a hub.



Please see this post and we can take a look: