SGP Crashing on Start-up

Hi, I used the framing & mosaic wizard to create a sequence that I now realise is too big (6x4). SGP crashed once the wizard had finished and I tried to look at the sequence it had produced. My problem now is that SGP crashes when I try to start it up - it looks like it is re-loading the “current” sequence, which it clearly doesn’t like. How do I get rid of this (from the outside) so that I can get SGP started again? I’m running version 3.03.169
Many thanks,
Ian Humphreys

Did you try to delete the .sgf sequence file for that mosaic from the folder?


Hi Mike,

I hadn’t saved it, but then I realised that it any changes were being automatically saved to the last sequence file that I did save. Killing this file got me back working again.