SGP disconnects PhD2 on star lost. No recovery happens. Beta v.330

Good morning,

I use PhD2 and SGP for imaging and recently I have started experiencing a problem that is leading to a sequence aborting on the first loss of guide star. I do not recall this being an issue until a few weeks but I am not sure if it is a setting in PhD2 or SGP. I am asking the question and providing guide logs in both forums, hoping to figure out how to get the two programs to get back to working together nicely.

This is what happens:when guide star SNR drops due to a passing cloud, PhD2 stops guiding. SGP shuts down the sequence. PhD2 disconnects all equipment. No sequence recovery happens, even though it is set in SGP.

PhD2 logs files:

SGP log file: Dropbox - sg_logfile_20191103173555.txt - Simplify your life

Sequence disconnection happened around 2:50am.

I appreciate any advice you may be able to provide.



Also, secondary issue: No notification that the sequence aborted was sent to my phone. I have tested notifications and they are set up properly (I am receiving heartbeat and regular notices during dark frame acquisition as we speak).

Any clues on why that happened?


The 330 beta had some issues with star lost recovery. Please use 339.

PHD2 should send a warning message to the notification system. Please ensure that you have the email endpoint turned on and that email endpoint has “warning” messages selected.

Thanks Ken, I’ll give 339 a go. I had some issues with v335 crashing (that’s why I reverted to 330) but i think you fixed the altitude problem.

Correct, this was addressed in 337.

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