SGP etc on a Tablet?

So before I go through all the rigamarole of installing everything necessary to image from my win8.1 tablet, has anyone here done that successfully? I have a win8.1 tablet with a quad core 1.46ghz Atom processor, 2GB ram, 32GB storage (+64GB SD card).

I’d like to set the tablet up as a backup in case my main laptop freaks out while on a dark(er) sky imaging trip over the new moon in June.

Thoughts? Is this possible or not worth the effort?

I’ve run it just fine on my 8" Dell Venue Pro. :smile: Perfect for remote desktop. I haven’t really put it through its paces trying to run everything.

But absolutely, should work!

I’ve ran it on my venue 8 pro as well. Works fine for remoting into but not so great when you’re at the tablet, better with a stylus.

The biggest issue is that most tablets don’t support using the otg cable and charging at the same time. So the tablet will be on battery the entire time.


you could use a docking station, my tablet sits in one when not in my hands.

The tablet is an Asus T100 Chi and has a keyboard with it. It has a USB 3.0 port in addition to the USB2/charging port. So theoretically I can have it charging while using it as long as the USB 3.0 works well. Sometimes I’ve had issues with USB 3.0 ports even though they are supposed to be backward compatible.

It was annoying to need to buy it, but there’s an adapter Dell makes to do both charge and use USB. Agree, using it hands on would be an exercise in frustration, but remote it’s great.

Thanks @Bhwolf, I’ll checkout the adapter.


Sure thing. Here’s the link:

I’d do a dry run before you leave just to make sure. Better to have a tested plan than hoping it’ll work and it failing.