SGP Freez after sequence, with manual focus :(

hi folks, I upgraded from version 2.xx to version, hoping that some problems will be resolved, and instead, have increased :frowning:

Once started the sequence, after a certain number of frames, I focus manually, pause the sequence and start the fire in bin4 … and … SGP is freez, for about 5-8 minutes … windows and programs do not respond!

Freez all the SGP computer, PHD etc …

practically I can not focus, during a session, otherwise it crashes everything, and SGP, PHD and other software, do not respond !!!

I have to wait 5-8 minutes, SGP tells me that there was an error during the focusing (yes ??) and I can start again … maybe … or restart the computer: /

This thing happened sometimes, even with version 2.xx, but with version it always happens to me! to make SGP 3, unusable! I’ll probably be back to version 2 …: /

Atik 383L mono camera (last drive)
StarlightXpress wheel
iOptron Cem60

Thanks for your help!

We’ll need a log to be of any assistance here. Please see below:

Thank you,