SGP Freeze on Image Download

Can anyone shed some light on why things might hang up when the image currently being taken and starts to download dosent, and causes SGP to freeze?

Resulting in a forced shutdown of the SGP and then having to start all over again?

I’m using at Atik 460EX and the latest drivers. With everything connected via a Pegaus UPB. The only thing i can think of is a USB problem.

Connection is via a USB active extension cable 5m with a 1.8m USB cable connected to that. I can run the whole system in my garage for hours on end taking frame & focus frames of the same duration and the guide cam running etc.

Just add, it’s now clouded over, so I’ve got it taking 600s frame & focus frames and saving them… How typical, 5 frames in and it’s not missed a beat as yet… It has an aversion to live images !!

Any words of wisdom would greatly be appreciated.

We’d need logs to be of any real assistance:


Good Morning,

I’ve made a few changes to my Laptop from a power perspective… Ill need to get on another image run to see if the problems were to do with my laptop and USB power… If i encounter the same again, ill capture and post up the logs.

I had endless issues with freezes and lock ups. 90% of them were attributed to dodgy hubs and USB connections or bad drivers - search for my threads of frustration. I take it back what I largely said about SGP at that time - it was not its fault.
As an aside, I have found SGP does not like being aborted when it is in the middle of something.
I have it running very smoothly now on Windows 10. I use a compact PC, mounted on top of scope with all USB devices directly plugged into it. It has 10 USB2 connectors. I paid about $150 for it off of eBay. I have never looked back since. First the first time, last night when I was asleep, it did the meridian flip totally without any involvement from me and I woke up to a folder full of 15 minute exposures.

Good news from my end… A complete contrast the previous nights! Got everything setup and everything connected straight away. First image started about 7.30pm… it ran pretty much flawlessly unitl 1am. Only problem was on a slew from IC1805 to NGC2238 the guide cam USB cable got a very small snag and disconnected momentarily… Unplug/Plug in and it was back and working.

I cant put my finger on anything specific… i checked every connection on both power, USB and the UPB itself. Did a continutiy check on the power cable to ensure that was ok… Checked loads of power settings on my laptop etc. But the effort paid off. Id didnt think SGP would have been the source of the problem… but you never know as its integral every connection.

I too have experienced lock ups if you abort mid frame… But i guess thats a culmination of hardware and software getting in a tizz.