SGP hangs after guider settle

Like the title says, but the strange thing is it does this only when creating a target with the framing and mozaiek wizard and does it every time. when starting an normal created target this does not happen and SGP continues to the next task. i also had a couple of hangs after the platesolve also with a F&M created target, but does not happen every time.
I use the newest PHD2.

Hi Michael and welcome to SGP,
Please see this post on how to ask for help: How to ask for help

The log files will help determine what’s going on.

Hi, sorry about that.
Hereby the latest log file:
Look at the end for the line: [27-7-2015 23:43:31] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] PHD2 settle successful…
This is the point where SGP hangs, but look likes is continues the sequence.
And during the hang it does park the scope. but does not record any images.


Does anybody have any idea? I am not able to get this error out. meaning I can not use the framing & mozaiek wizard for now. When using a normal created target this error does not occur.
Any other information required?
Hereby my latest log. exactly at the '“PHD2 settle successful…” line SGP hangs with the “SGP has stopped working” message. during the hang it does park the scope and turns off PHD. and then closes, but has not recorded any image.

Can you try changing the target name to something else? The file naming looks like it is broken when the target is named after a URL. It may be manifesting itself in weird ways.

Thank you very much! this was the sollution.
The framing generated targedname made SGP hang.

OK thanks. We will add protection for that.