SGP Hangs on image download for Prostar Toupcam- solved with version

Hi everyone, I have been using SGP for quite a while now very successfully with my modded canon 1100D. I recently purchased an Prostar LP-Guide camera (Toupcam), which you can also use for imaging. Frame and focus works flawlessly every time for taking single shots, however whenever I set a sequence after the first image of the sequence SGP just hangs saying downloading. Even though this exact problem is listed in other posts, they are all for different camera’s, so I thought it warranted a new thread for this camera. At first I thought it may have been a driver issue, and it still may turn out to be that, however the camera works when sequenced in other software that use the ascom driver so I am unsure of the cause. I have attached a link to one of my log files. The issue can be seen towards the end. I can abort the sequence using the pause button and clicking abort immediately but the image never downloads.

Thanks for your help, and thanks for the awesome software.


Can you attempt with the 2.5…1.16 release? It should address this issue specifically.


Hi Jared. Just tried with version 16. unfortunately same issue. Link to log below thanks mate.

Just to give as much info as possible, I just used frame and focus with the looping button, not the take one, and it worked fine with no issues. Ticked the save to disk box and it saved the pics no problems. This was a bin 1x1 5sec exposures taken continually. I am not sure what the differences between looping f & f and a sequence is, but it seems like something in the way a sequence works may put us on the right track. Thanks again for your help Jared.

Hi Jared, I have some interesting information for you. I decided to try running the Toupcam on my PC inside the house instead of my Obs PC. The camera worked fine for a 10 frame sequence 5 second dark with a 5 sec delay between frames.

Now at first I thought it may be because my inside computer runs Win 10 instead of Win 7 ( Obs PC), but the I realised the version of SGP that is on my inside PC is Because it doesn’t control anything and I use it basically for setting up sequences I never bothered upgrading it. So I installed version on my Obs PC as a test. It is currently running a sequence of 50 x 200sec dark frames with a 60 sec delay between frames. So far so good. I will let you know how it went for the entire run once it has finished. I just thought this may help you find the issue. Something the current version does that doesn’t. Hope this helps mate, I really appreciate all the work you guys have put into this software. I’ll post the log after it’s done so maybe you can compare the two and see the difference.

OK Jared, very happy to report that using version the sequence completed without a hitch. 50 frames @ 200sec darks, with a 60sec pause in between frames. I let it go right through including completion of the end of sequence routine. Link to log file below, I hope you find something. Good luck mate.

I’m going to set it taking more darks and leave it run over night. I’ll let you know how it goes in the morning, and post the log if there is any problems.


Happy to report that everything went perfectly overnight. Still running without a hitch with version Sequence has a couple of hours till completion, screen shot attached.