Sgp keeps loading an obsolete PHD2 profile


<SGP loads PHD2 with correct equipment profile, but responds with error message: PHD2 profile “zwo mini” is not valid! and keeps trying but eventually aborts.
I tried creating new profile, deleting all profiles, uninstalling phd2 then re-install. I thought maybe phd2 found an obsolete profile in logs, so I deleted some. I think I’m just making things worse. On the phd2 forum the thought was the problem was with SGP.
the port is 4400, I don’t understand this or where to find it in my computer.>

Aprox time of issue: <I spent 2 hours last night but have no logs>

Link to Logs

<Insert a link to your log file here>

can’t run PHD2

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8