SGP keeps recentering

Last night I was shooting a mosaic in 8 panes of the Bubble Nebula in SGP. I programmed SGP to take 3 frames Ha of 20 min each and then move on to the next pane. All events were programmed to end the sequence at 6 o’clock in the morning. When I arrived at my setup this morning SGP was still running (as it should) but I noticed that it kept on centering on pane 6 and after that on pane 7, without taking any exposures. I tried to understand the logfile from this sequence, but I can’t make anything of it.

The last exposure it completed was of pane number 4 at 05.22 AM. When I arrived at my setup it was around 05.40 AM.
Attached you can find the last part of the log file.
sg_logfile_2015-10-01.txt (947.1 KB)

So… SGPro is functioning normally here. It may not be ideal, but it is normal. What is happening is that SGPro is going through your target list, centering on it and then it checks the first event and determines that it won’t fit in the specified time limit, then moves (and centers on the next target and does the same). You centers take 2 to 3 times to get within your tolerance so it looked like it was only doing centers.

To avoid this behavior, do not set all targets to have identical end times. Target end times are designed to be staggered. If you want everything to end at the same time, use the “Sequence end time”.

Also, in the future, please do not clip log files. Some of the first things I wanted to look at were gone.

Here is a screenshot of the global “sequence end time”:

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