SGP moved to next filter prematurely

Last night after frame 14/50 for my Green filter SGP for some reason proceeded to move onto the next event which was the Blue filter. I’ve never seen this before. The event for Green still had a lot of exposures left. Nothing in the logs appears to indicate why. I don’t see any errors. Full log from last night is attached. It issue occurred around 10:57:30PM in the log’s time stamps. (207.5 KB)

The logs show that you saved your sequence twice just before this issue showed itself. Can you elaborate on what you changed? Any ordinal movement of targets or events?

I believe I made some changes to the second target I had in this sequence. Just moved some of the events. The current active target wasn’t touched though since everything is greyed out while it is active.


I think this issue is related you the one you reported here:

Do you, by chance still have any of these log files or have they been destroyed?

Sorry Ken, the logs are gone. The logs I have only go back to 9/11.

OK. Well, I see that the issue is real… probably the same as Joel’s. I still cannot find the cause, but I think I have a temporary solution in place that will prevent the behavior (a band-aid) while we search for the root cause. At least our users won’t have to wait for us to find it…

That is good to hear about the potential temp fix. Is there any sort of more verbose logging I can enable in case it happens again? I went all night imaging last night without a single hiccup. SGP performed amazingly keep up the great work. I love how responsive you guys are to issues.