SGP not loading after windows crash

Hi all,
I’m running Windows 7 and have had no problems with SGP until today. I updated to the latest version and this evening I’ve been setting up my autofocuser. Something happened to Windows and it froze and crash. I hard rebooted the laptop, and then restarted it after that.

Now SGP won’t load. It tries to load for a moment, then–nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted the computer and same thing happens–namely nothing.

Out of curiosity, I created another user profile on my computer and it works okay, so something happened with my Windows settings. Any ideas?

Something may have gotten corrupted with your SGP layout settings when the system went down. Open up the run dialog (Win + R) and paste in the following (including the quotes):
“c:\Program Files (x86)\Sequence Generator\Sequence Generator.exe” /reset

Run that command and it should reset the UI layout.

Hope that helps,

Hi Jared,
No joy. I cut and pasted that into the run dialogue and it does the same thing–just the brief Windows circle and then nothing. It works for my new profile on my computer, and I could just build another profile, but that’s a pain. Any other ideas?

You can try deleting everything from here:

I didn’t find an app data subdirector directory (I substituted my name for
User Name). I did find the program under X86 program files. I deleted all
of those and then reinstalled. Still no luck.

My bad. For Win 7 it should be:


If you still don’t have any luck, SGPro likely still creates a log file (in the directory Jared identified above) when it tries to start up. Sending the most recent log file will give us a pretty good lead on the issue.

That last fix seemed to work. Any ideas as to the cause so if it happens
again I can do something besides weep? Thanks! I can dig through the
trash and find the log files if you like.



We’d need log files to be sure… SGPro requires that your settings file, layout file and default profile all be in place when it tires to start up. Has to be one of those items that was corrupted.

Hi Ken,

I’ll email you the log file for your interest as you may get this again
from someone. It seems to be working now. I have to rebuild my profile,
but that’s not a big deal. Thanks


Hmm… ok. If you completed all the steps Jared outlined and then still had to delete your SGPro folder, it points to a corrupted profile. Right now I am not sure how that happened, but we will look into it. Do, you, by chance, still have that “SequenceGenerator” folder you had to delete to get things working? If it is still in your recycle bin, it would be nice if you were able to zip it up and send so we can recreate your issue here.


Yup, I still have it. I’ll email the whole thing to you.

One idea for a software improvement is to have a “clean install” option or something like that, where an install wipes out all your settings and you can start fresh. You could choose “clean install” or “keep former settings” install or something like that. Just a thought.

That’s what “reset” does. It just tries to preserve your profiles. Maybe we need to be more aggressive with that command.