SGP opens slowly

I run SGP on a Dell 64 bit i5 3.2 ghz pc with 8 gb of ram running Windows10. It had been running on a old Windows 7 pc where it launched fast and I recently moved it to the Dell to be able to run PHD@ and my mount driver software simultaneously. Admittedly it’s an old rev but I only use SGP for autofocusing my Moonlite focuser which it does admirably. When I launch SGP on the Windows10 pc it takes close to one minute to generate the intro splash screen with the moving green bar. Looking for thoughts on what might be causing the slow launch.


When launching open the task manager and see if any process is hogging the CPU or disk I/O. Could be Windows Defender slowing things down.

Thanks for the response. Using task manager, during initial launch the hard drive spends about 10 seconds at 96% use after which disk usage drops low. Subsequent relaunches show almost no disk usage. Memory usage is minimal and I see no heavy application usage during the SGP bootup period of close to 1 minute. The hard drive storage available is over 75%. Applications and processes show minimal percentage use. I have no trouble launching PHD2, Guide9 or my mount interface. They open almost instantly.